Koford Engineering slot car racing

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2017 Nat's, Team Koford 1'st G7, TMO, G27L , C12L, and OMB

Click on the new products tab for information on our new H12 and Sclae C can, push pull C12 6 mags, aluminum pillow block for for steel motor braces, ultra light 27L chassis, and OD ground 450 and 480 G7 cans. Catalog updated 7/15/18

Koford Engineering is the leading producer of high performance slot car equipment. We are dedicated to making only the best! We produce a complete line of the products for every class of wing car racing, and a wide variety of products for drag and scale racing. We produce a wide range of controllers in both resistor and electronic types, as well as accessory equipment such as power supplies, grinders, tire wrenches, and many other items.

Koford Engineering was the winner of the 2017 Nat's

2018 Catalog now online. Click the Catalog tab to get your own copy! Requires Acrobat 5 or newer (or Preview).

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